A TUI to monitor YouTube channels
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"apiKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
"extraHeaders": [
{"key": "x-extra", "value": "heder"}
"database": "$HOME/yttui.db",
"watchCommand": ["xdg-open", "https://youtube.com/watch?v={{vid}}"],
"notifications": {
"channelNewVideoCommand": ["notify-send", "--app-name", "yttui", "New video from {{channelName}}", "{{videoTitle}}"],
"channelNewVideosCommand": ["notify-send", "--app-name", "yttui", "New videos from {{channelName}}", "There are {{newVideos}} new videos."],
"channelsNewVideosCommand": ["notify-send", "--app-name", "yttui", "New videos from multiple channels", "There are {{newVideos}} new videos from {{updatedChannels}} channels."]
"autoRefreshInterval": 3600