A TUI to monitor YouTube channels
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// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
#pragma once
#include <map>
#include <optional>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
class sqlite3;
class sqlite3_stmt;
class progress_info;
extern struct yt_config {
std::string api_key;
std::map<std::string, std::string> extra_headers;
} yt_config;
class UserFlag
int id;
std::string name;
UserFlag(sqlite3_stmt *row);
void save(sqlite3 *db) const;
static UserFlag create(sqlite3 *db, const std::string &name);
static int next_free(sqlite3 *db);
static std::vector<UserFlag> get_all(sqlite3 *db);
static constexpr int max_flag_count = (sizeof(uint32_t)*8);
UserFlag(int id, const std::string &name);
enum VideoFlag {
kNone = 0,
kWatched = (1<<0),
kDownloaded = (1<<1),
class ChannelFilter {
int id;
std::string name;
uint32_t video_mask;
uint32_t video_value;
uint32_t user_mask;
uint32_t user_value;
ChannelFilter(sqlite3_stmt *row);
void save(sqlite3 *db) const;
static ChannelFilter add(sqlite3 *db, const std::string &name);
static std::vector<ChannelFilter> get_all(sqlite3 *db);
ChannelFilter(const int id, const std::string &name);
class Channel
std::string id;
std::string name;
bool is_virtual;
ChannelFilter filter;
int user_flags;
Channel(sqlite3_stmt *row);
static Channel add(sqlite3 *db, const std::string &selector, const std::string &value);
static Channel add_virtual(const std::string &name, const ChannelFilter &filter);
static std::vector<Channel> get_all(sqlite3 *db);
std::string upload_playlist() const;
int fetch_new_videos(sqlite3 *db, progress_info *info=nullptr, std::optional<std::string> after={}, std::optional<int> max_count={}) const;
void load_info(sqlite3 *db);
bool is_valid() const;
void save_user_flags(sqlite3 *db) const;
unsigned int unwatched;
size_t tui_name_width;
Channel(const std::string &id, const std::string &name);
struct Video
std::string id;
std::string channel_id;
std::string title;
std::string description;
int flags;
std::string added_to_playlist;
std::string published;
Video(sqlite3_stmt *row);
void set_flag(sqlite3 *db, VideoFlag flag, bool value=true);
static std::vector<Video> get_all_for_channel(const std::string &channel_id);
static std::vector<Video> get_all_with_filter(const ChannelFilter &filter);
size_t tui_title_width;